Document center

Business management system iPyramid.bizlogic Document centre has a conception of non - traditional document centre. The Document centre assists in easier and faster administration of documents related with specific company business aspects, communication with clients and suppliers. Use document centre to create, save and look up your company commercial offers, orders, contracts and other documents much faster.

Main functions of Document centre:

  • Create/edit/delete unlimited number of company documents drafts;
  • Relate documents with CRM clients, partners, suppliers;
  • Realte documents with each and allow information inheritance among documents;
  • Store documents both in client files and in separate document journals;
  • Execute searches filtering documents according to the criteria like creation date, editing date, client, author, keyword, etc.;
  • Create/store/see document versions – alter document in a specific period of time;
  • Store/print documents in HTML and PDF formats;
  • Send documents by e-mail (additionally integrating document centre with e-mail system).


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