Using business management system iPyramid.bizlogic, company expenses decrease:

Decreasing the human resources in company: When the most of proccesses and works being carried out are automized, there is no need for extra staff. It is confirmed in practice, that the automatization of company proccesses reduce time consumption, ensures stable work quality and enables to reuse the same human resources.
Decreasing expenses for direct activities: phone calls and travelling among offices can be changed to virtual communication even when discussing very important problems.
Decreasing investments of market research: when used correctly, the system may tell a lot about your customers - what size and what kind of companies are your main customers, which rivals are the most threatening and how to fight them, what seasons are the most profitable and how to prepare for less successful periods, which product or service attracts the highest profit fot the company. Usually finding answers to such questions takes research that consumes lots of time and investment. Using business management system, the answers come from iPyramid.bizlogic. ->

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