We announce new iPyramid.bizlogic version 1.2

This version includes many features orientated to improve sales and payment processes as well as usability. We are also glad to introduce integration with Google maps, marketing campaigns and direct mailing solution. And sure few more goals are security, better information integrity (our brand new technology).

As usually all our clients which will have our support for version 1.x available at release moment, will be able to get new release free of charge.

Detailed list of changes:

Client management

  • Google maps displaying customer office position
  • Marketing campaigns
  • New communication log

Events and tasks

  • Improved interface of new tasks and events windows to be more compact and useful
  • Option to easily review other person calendar

Payments and invoices

  • There is a new option not to create invoice on imported payment.
  • Multiple bank account support
  • Better usability of invoice creation form
  • Lots of small fixes


  • Message to several contact persons at once
  • Better handling forwarded email text and attachments
  • Ability to reply to non-client
  • Improved interface on composing mail
  • Faster email receiving
  • Mass direct mailing support
  • Improved search for messages
  • support for multiple email addresses for contact person


  • Improved usability
  • Improved style (more icons, clearer interface)
  • More keyboard usage for faster operations

Document center

  • Changeable document creation date


  • Ability to expand figures in reports
  • New report of sales by product
  • Fixed reports to handle new accounting base


  • New security engine
  • New Reservation module
  • Support for data exchange with remote systems
  • Improved system performance
  • More usable paging style of large number of pages

And more than 300 other fixes and improvements

To try new version please feel free to contact us.

2009 04 14  

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