Invoice and debt management

Payment and Debt Management tool is meant for writing, storing and search of invoices. You can fully use the stored clients’ information to write invoices. Payment management will help you to:
  • manage debts effectively;
  • save time – you will not have to reenter and double documents;
  • create an image of neat and stylish company – once you enter the data into the system you will avoid mistakes in the future. Invoices can be perked with company logo or fill with the information necessary for clients, which can easily be altered from time to time. 
Main Payment Management module possibilities:
  • Automatically import data into invoice from CRM;
  • Automatically fill in the manager’s information;
  • Centrally number invoices if the company has several branches;
  • Generate the invoice in PDF format;
  • Send invoices and payment reminders using email. The process is fully automatic
  • Quickly find invoices according to the writing or payment date, clients or other criteria;
  • See unpaid invoices;
  • Mark the advance client payments or see each client’s balance for the present day. Client’s financial status is presented in the client’s file, chapter Payments;
  • Monitor cash turnover and sales during particular time in Reports module


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