iPyramid.bizlogic system module Reports consists of:
  • Occupation report;
  • Activity report;
  • Financial report;
  • Project report.
With the help of Occupation report one can monitor the occupation of one or several registered system users over the chosen period and see in detail the calendar of any employee.

Activity reports will help you to:
  • Save time on personnel occupation regulation and (self)control;
  • Plan time more effectively for individual and team needs alike;
  • Secure the quality clients relations management;
  • Make right and timely decisions for personnel motivation and sales planning.
iPyramid.bizlogic Activity and Occupation reports will help you answer the questions:
  • How many new contacts were found, how many new commercial offers were sent or new contracts signed during the chosen period;
  • How many and what mentioned activities each manager did, who was the most active, who needs more encouragement;
  • How many new meetings, new sales, new contracts are planned all in all and for each manager separately;
  • What turnover is planned for the chosen period of time – month, quarter, half a year;
  • How many planned projects and sales are actually happening and how many of these are lost. Specific project/planned sales failure analysis allows you to avoid them in the future and to improve managers’ work efficiency;
  • Which clients need the most attention, which clients use your services or buy your products the most, what the buying intensity is.
Financial reports allow you to:
  • Monitor your company’s financial indicators over the chosen period of time;
  • See the clients who paid the most or the least over the chosen period of time;
  • See the debtors list.
Project reports allow you to see:
  • What projects one or several employees are doing, their financial indicators;
  • What projects are anticipated for the nearest future and what their profitability is;
  • Projects which include the products or services of your company and their profitability.


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