If you are into commercial sales field, Warehouse module in business management system iPyramid.bizlogic enables accomplishing the main warehouse administration activities. Although iPyramid.bizlogic Warehouse in not an analogue for accounting application, neverthless it will make managers’ activities of a  warehouse administration easier. Using Warehouse module of business management system brings many benefits :
  • Time saved – commercial offers, orders are made much easier and faster;
  • Ambiguity and mistakes in balance of goods are avoided;
  • Accomplishment terms of orders are planned more effectively, as balance of goods, date of orders are seen in the warehouse;
  • Work is planned and distributed more effectively, as the accounts show from which suppliers the goods are being bought more frequently , the most profitable supplier, the sales dependency on the season which allows planning sales in advance. If purchase is done by several managers, ambiguity ordering goods is avoided because all managers can see when, who, what order made for the supplier.
Main functions of business management system Warehouse module:
  • Create goods and catalogue lists;
  • Execute goods search/ filtering using goods code, name, comment keywords;
  • Edit goods easily;
  • Credit goods;
  • Crediting journal is prepared automatically . It shows all the history of crediting and allows executing search according to the document number, goods, supplier, date, employer, who made the crediting;
  • Reports are generated automatically according to data used in the system;
  • Use Warehouse with Document centre – choose and include necessary goods (services) into commercial offers, orders and other documents;
  • Balance of goods when goods are sold or purchased.


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